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Nursery Registration

The admissions fortnight for applications will be from 23rd January until 3rd February 2017.

Primary 1 Registration

Registration Week for Primary 1 is 9th January to 13th January 2017.

All children who reach their fifth birthday by 28th February 2018 are invited to register for Primary 1 for admissions in August 2017.

Aberdeenshire Education and Children’s Services has a common starting date for all its school in the middle of August in any particular year.  You will be informed of this year’s starting date at the time of registration at school.

Parents are asked to visit the Primary school of their choice during Registration Week.  If this is not possible, should try and visit the school by the end of February 2017.  To register for Primary 1 the child’s birth certificate is required as evidence of their date of birth.

Aberdeenshire Education and Children’s Services make no provision to admit any children who are five after the end of February, unless that child has previously been registered and has commenced full-time attendance (excluding induction) in a state supported for Forces school and is transferring into Aberdeenshire.  In this case, the local authority can exercise discretion.  Registration for a nursery for playgroup does not count for the purposes of this exception.